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OOO "OZGEO" offers the following integrated geological and related services:
  • Field exploration and desk-top work for base metals, rare and precious metals, precious stones and other minerals:
    • - geological prospecting;
    • - geochemical sampling;
    • - surface mining: pitting, trenching;
    • - drilling;
    • - data processing;
    • - creating GIS-projects and 3-D digital models of mining objects;
  •  Integrated analysis of remote sensing data with the use of CRS technology aimed at discovering deposits of copper, lead, zinc, tin, tungsten, gold, uranium, bauxite and diamonds as well as oil and gas, bituminous shales and coal deposits;
  • Geological mapping at scales 1 : 2 000 to 1 : 250 000;
  • Geophysical surveys: ground magnetic and gravimetric survey, electrical exploration and other specialized researches and works;
  • Expert work:
    • - expert opinions on the prospects of the mineral resource base of countries / areas for various types of minerals;
    • - expertise of geological and mining projects;
    • - development of proposals for international cooperation in geology, mineral resource management, geo-ecology and environmental protection;
  • Environmental studies based on the analysis of multispectral space imagery and the use of CRS technology:
    • - monitoring of environmental pollution by industrial facilities;
    • - identification of sources of negative environmental impact and assessment of the contribution of each of them to the deterioration of the environmental situation.