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Company's activity has earned international acclaim and was awarded with prizes, including:

— Gold Mercury International Award

— International Award for Quality

— International Award for Financing Activities

Remembering Igor Trifonovich Gavrilov,
General Director of JSC Zarubezhgeologia

Zarubezhgeologia was founded in 1964 as a specialized company for geological exploration abroad. Year after year the company carried out an increasing number of works, rendering technical assistance to foreign countries in the geological field. The company acted as a chief contractor and a chief exporter for the Ministry of Geology of USSR. The company got the status of Federal state unitary enterprise, controlled by the Ministry of Natural resources of Russia, in 1999. Then in March, 2008 it was transformed into joint stock company Zarubezhgeologia with 100 percent of shares controlled by the government. JSC Zarubezhgeologia is a full legal successor of FSUE V/O Zarubezhgeologia.

For its semicentenary history, the company has rendered technical assistance to more than 60 foreign countries in geological exploration of their territories, assigning totally more than 30 000 specialists. Using the delivered equipment they have carried out significant exploration programs, which resulted in hundreds of indicated and explored mineral deposits of oil, gas, coal, rare and base metals, diamonds, gold, bauxites, phosphate rock, etc. Dozens of enterprises emerged in that countries mining coal, oil and gas, iron, gold and diamonds from the explored deposits. In fact, Zarubezhgeologia created the mineral base of their national economies.

JSC Zarubezhgeologia is currently diversifying its business, expanding it services from mineral exploration and exploitation only towards all natural resources (including natural energy sources, land and water) complex utilization and protection. JSC Zarubezhgeologia has close cooperation with hi-tech enterprises, research institutes and companies and the Defense industry above all and offers the frontline Russian geological solutions to the company’s partners.

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